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Why Should I Play?

What is this? 01

Imagine yourself trapped in a room with your friends. Everything is dark. You must resolve this real-life puzzle to get yourself out of your trap. You have 60 minutes to escape. Tic toc …
Escape the room is a game of enigmas, mazes and puzzles that you can play with a group of friends to find your way out of the game.
Have you got what it takes to find the escape before the 60 minutes are up?

Reservations 02

Simply click on our reservation calendar and choose the time, the availability and the game that you prefer. You can also call us at +212537682166 or simply text us your name, number of players and time of arrival, and we will call you back to confirm your reservation.

03 This is a Team Game

Escape The Room is a game of tactics, critical thinking, and most importantly, team-play. Come with your friends, family or colleagues, and you will have to work together to find your way out of our maze. It is only through patience, communication, organization, dexterity and stress management, that you could perhaps find the solution. We dare you!

04 Why should I play?

If you like riddles, enigmas and mind-games, or are simply looking for an original group activity to do with your friends, you have come to the right place! Escape The Room is all about reflection, cooperation and adrenaline! This game is open to everyone: friends, family, colleagues … come discover this innovative new game, we promise you will be pleasantly surprised!